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Our Story

The United Kingdom is home to over 65 million people, stemming from all backgrounds. Out of these 65 million, the BBC reports that around 4.6 million need regular food assistance. This staggering number often includes our neighbours, colleagues and friends and must not be forgotten.


Charity begins at home acknowledges the great work being done by UK based charities internationally, but hopes to fill a national and local gap.


As well as those needing food assistance, there are thousands of vulnerable people without a home.  Women, children, ex-soldiers and elderly are struggling on our doorsteps and Charity Begins at Home hopes to serve them all.

We hope to support these vulnerable members of our community through our work by making things little less, difficult.


Although we are a fairly new initiative, we have all the passion and drive needed to help make a real change.


Operating as the UK registered charity for the last two years, we have worked closely with those less fortunate.


We run food distribution on Friday evening and also Food Banks.

We are proud that our charity is solely based on volunteers. We do not have any employees, no running office and we are almost close to zero overheads so almost everything you donate will go directly to those who need it the most.

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